The Nothing — a solo show featuring the work of Trenton-based artist William “Kasso” Condry set to open Friday, July 11, at Gallery 219 on Hanover Street in downtown Trenton — promises to be — well — something.

Partially inspired by the film “A Never-Ending Story,” the exhibition takes the idea of using imagination and creativity to combat despair and degradation, writes the artist, who frequently uses the nickname Kasso (a shortening of Picasso). “The Nothing was an ominous presence that fed off of human despair, and the only force that could destroy it was imagination.”

This exhibition features new and unseen works by Kasso “as he attempts to fight against the ominous force of poverty and urban plight that consumes the community in which he creates. The work will be unlike any seen from this artist before and will feature subject matter that is based in fantasy and folklore,” notes press information.

William Kasso Condry is a well known and vital presence in Trenton. He is a prominent street writer creating murals throughout the city and an active member of the S.A.G.E. Coalition (Stylez Advancing Graffiti’s Evolution). S.A.G.E. coordinates exhibitions at Gallery 219 and is a sponsor for The Nothing.

The Nothing, Gallery 219, 219 East Hanover Street, Trenton. Free, reception Friday, July 11, 6 to 10 p.m., Music by DJ ITSJUSTAHMAD, with a special performance from Black Collar Biz and Hustle Emcee, through August, for gallery hours and times, visit or send a message to

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