Help for those suffering from diseases requiring medical supplies, particularly compression therapy, and support for their caregivers, is just a phone call away.

American Disabilities Corporation’s mission is to personalize service to meet the very particular needs of its clients and their caregivers. Neil Tucker, M.Ed., managing director and partner, took his background and his passion for these populations and developed a company to bring them innovative and useful products and supplies.

“We provide the full range of medical supplies: wheel chairs, walkers, incontinence products and more,” Tucker said. “But I’m particularly proud of our compression therapy program. It gives the patient options for improving overall well being.”

Tucker is trained as a massage therapist, a profession that helped him see the need for a company dedicated to providing top-notch therapeutic products and supplies. He earned his undergraduate degree from Trenton State College, and two master’s degrees (health education and health sciences) from The College of New Jersey.

“I saw that those managing lymphadema, chronic venous insufficiency and other venous diseases needed a maintenance garment, and would likely need it for life. That’s where we come in,” Tucker added.

Any body part can swell post-surgery. Additionally, diseases such as diabetes and general limb swelling concerns can create wounds that require compression once they heal. Compression therapy enabling patients to better manage their daily lives. Tucker’s motto is “let’s live in the solution.”

“Great products and a good fit are a must,” Tucker explained. “We just brought on an experienced fitter, Tony Vlahovic, to better serve our growing client base. We’re expanding our reach and our scope.”

American Disabilities Corporation’s largest supplier recently named the company a Center of Excellence and a Premier Dealer in New Jersey. The organization also was just awarded a New Jersey state contract that covers any state or county facility that buys medical supplies off a state contract. This confirms that American Disabilities Corporation is committed to great customer service and quality products.

“ADC also looks out for caregivers,” Tucker noted. “We created Caregivers Oasis to support caregivers with programs, products and services that increase their daily wellness, help manage stress and reduce burnout. Our philosophy is to be an educational resource for caregivers and a place to find resources to enhance their personal wellness.”

Tucker built both companies so caregivers and patients could make sometimes difficult decisions together. By offering top-notch products, superior product fittings, caring service and appropriate resources, he’s succeeded in doing just that.

Patients and caregivers may learn more about ADC at and

American Disabilities Corporation. 812 State Road, Suite 103, Princeton. Toll-free: 877-989-2323.

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