Dr. Peter Crist

In today’s world, many people, including children, adolescents and adults of all ages are more stressed out, anxious and depressed than ever. Many are detoured by apparent quick fixes without knowing that lasting solutions are available.

The board certified doctors affiliated with Princeton’s American College of Orgonomy (ACO) know that to achieve long-term effects requires time — time to develop a relationship of genuine trust between doctor and patient. Together they can then address painful emotional problems. ACO-trained doctors work with their patients to help them face the causes underlying their symptoms. With this kind of focus and approach, patients can lead fuller, more satisfying lives.

In an effort to share how ACO therapists work, the College is hosting a monthly series of hour-long presentations with open discussion that showcase a doctor’s work with specific patients. These are free of charge and open to the public. The next meeting, on Saturday, April 13, features Dr. Philip Heller’s treatment of a patient who experienced a psychiatric emergency that was turned into an opportunity for positive change. On Mother’s Day weekend, Saturday, May 11, Dr. Susan Marcel will focus on the vital importance of the emotional care of pregnant women, infants, and expectant fathers during the prenatal, birthing and postnatal experiences. She will also address the ways midwives and obstetricians handle their emotionally difficult work environment. (For more information about these presentations, see “Ride the Emotional Rollercoaster.”)

To understand the different approach offered by ACO therapists, visit the website: www.adifferentkindofpsychiatry.com. If you are interested in finding a therapist in your area or want to learn about the process of becoming a therapist, you will find that information, as well.

For a more personal view of one therapist, Dr. Peter Crist, president of the ACO, will offer readings from his memoir in progress, All People Great and Small, during a special event at the ACO campus on Saturday, April 6 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. His selections will include stories from his childhood, college years, medical training and time as a professor of psychiatry at UMDNJ-Rutgers Medical School that together give a sense of how he became the kind of doctor he is today. Admission for this presentation is $45. Reception will follow.

Board certified in internal medicine and psychiatry, Dr. Crist notes: “Many of my patients bring up their medical problems during their psychotherapy sessions. I realized it’s a rare uninterrupted block of time for them to talk to a physician they trust. It’s a sad reflection on the current state of medicine in which primary care physicians lack the time to really listen to their patients. For several thousand years the doctor-patient relationship has been one of the most significant as well as intensely emotional and intimate of all human bonds. At the ACO, we continue to train doctors in the tradition of the sacred, healing relationship between doctors and patients that dates back to Hippocrates and before.”

For more information about the ACO’s events, therapy referral service and training programs, contact the American College of Orgonomy. Phone 732-821-1144; Email: aco@orgonomy.org; Websites: www.orgonomy.org and www.adifferentkindofpsychiatry.com.

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