Philip Heller, M.D.

John suffered for years with manic depressive illness. At one point, suicidal feelings escalated so intensely he experienced an uncharacteristic panic attack. He scheduled an emergency session with his psychiatrist, Dr. Philip Heller, during which he revealed a secret he’d kept for years. Having finally found someone he could trust with his hidden thoughts, John discovered that telling them released a flood of emotions. Hear more about John on Saturday, April 13, from 4 to 5 p.m. when Dr. Heller presents, “Turning a Psychiatric Emergency into an Opportunity for Positive Change,” joined by Dee Apple, Ph.D. as discussant. This is the next in the American College of Orgonomy’s (ACO’s) “A Different Kind of Psychiatry” monthly case presentation series open to the public for free at the ACO campus near Kingston, NJ.

Susan Marcel, D.O.

On Mother’s Day weekend, Saturday, May 11, from 11 a.m. to noon. Dr. Susan Marcel will tell you about Anne, a patient who came to her to for a second opinion after her previous psychiatrist gave her the devastating news that she could never have children. He had warned Anne that her anti-depressant medications could potentially cause birth defects. After several years of working with Dr. Marcel in psychotherapy, Anne was better able to manage her emotions and developed some stability. She and Dr. Marcel decided that she could be weaned from most of her medications and changed to one safe enough for her to consider getting pregnant. Find out what happened with Anne at Dr. Marcel’s presentation, “Right from the Start: Pregnancy, Birth and Emotion,” about the vital importance of the emotional care of pregnant women, infants, and expectant fathers during the prenatal, birthing and postnatal experiences. She’ll also address the ways midwives and obstetricians handle their emotionally difficult work environment. Dr. Chris Burritt will join her as discussant and will share his experience both as a psychiatrist and new father.

Virginia Whitener, Ph.D.

The significance of personal relationships in addressing emotional problems will be brought out the following month when Virginia Whitener, Ph.D., presents “The Importance of Parental Support in the Treatment of a Child” on Saturday, June 1, from 4 to 5 p.m. with Alberto Foglia, M.D. as discussant. (For details about this and other upcoming presentations, follow the “Event” page at:

The ACO’s series of case presentations and discussions offers the unique opportunity to learn about actual cases involving people helped by ACO-trained doctors (See “The Vital Doctor-Patient Relationship”). Upcoming events that showcase this functional approach to human emotional problems cover the gamut from a specific psychiatric crisis to the universal reality of childbirth to the relationship between child and parents.

Depression, anxiety and other psychiatric and emotional problems are intimately connected with how people handle their feelings and are not merely biochemical disorders that can only be treated with medications. The ACO offers this series to inform the public about a different approach to psychiatric and emotional problems that helps people live with their emotions in more satisfying ways. (Also, see “A Different Kind of Psychiatry” in the Winter Wellness, January 16, 2019 issue of US1.)

For more information about the ACO’s events, therapy referral service and training programs, contact the American College of Orgonomy. Phone 732-821-1144; Email:; Websites: and

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