Dr. Dale Rosin

The word “psychiatrist” often conjures up an image of a doctor who prescribes medications for mental disorders, not someone who helps you find more satisfying ways to live.

Peter A. Crist, M.D., president of the American College of Orgonomy (ACO) in Princeton, says, “Our organization has a different perspective about mental and emotional health. We train psychiatrists to integrate talk therapy with an approach for understanding where people hold emotions in their body. This method helps people tolerate anxiety, find healthy outlets for their feelings, and live with the full intensity of emotions without depending on medication. Medications quell symptoms, but they don’t address their underlying causes.”

Dr. Crist adds, “We train our doctors to genuinely listen to patients. They become keen observers of how people express themselves verbally and with body language. We focus on the underlying ways people handle their emotions, what we call ‘character.’ Patients who see our doctors feel heard and understood.”

Dr. Peter Crist

Knowing the connection between emotions and the body allows ACO therapists to understand their patients without depending on words — especially useful with young children. Regardless of age, the therapy can help someone live a more authentic and satisfying life in better contact with their feelings.

Dr. Crist says, “We’ve recently taken steps to make the public more aware of medical orgone therapy.”

In October, the ACO launched its “A Different Kind of Psychiatry” website, providing information for patients seeking therapy and for therapists interested in the training program. It also publicizes educational events.

In November, the ACO debuted a monthly series of clinical case presentations and discussions, “A Different Kind of Psychiatry,” offered at the ACO campus, open to the public free of charge. ACO member Dale Rosin, D.O., child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist and organizer of the series, notes, “Many patients have asked over the years, ‘Why haven’t I heard of this therapy before? It could have made my life (or my child’s life) so much easier.’ We’re excited to present this new series to the public.”

The series’ topics are relevant in today’s stressful world. Dr. Rosin says, “Our doctors are looking forward to hearing from the audience and discussing their questions.”

Upcoming presentations include “Marijuana: Parents Matter” by Dr. Dee Apple on January 19; “The Treatment of Two Cases of Panic Attack” by Dr. Alberto Foglia on February 2; and “Depression and Antidepressants: Life Without Medication” by Dr. Dale Rosin on March 16.

Dr. Rosin says, “On Mother’s Day weekend, Dr. Susan Marcel, psychiatrist and mother of two, will present ‘Right from the Start: Pregnancy, Birth and Emotion’ focused on the emotional health of children. Dr. Chris Burritt will join her and share his experience both as a psychiatrist and new father. Dr. Marcel’s presentation will be particularly heartfelt. In fact, I view all of the cases in the series as ‘little miracles,’ in how they show the value of this different kind of therapy.”

For more information about the series and the ACO’s therapy referral service and training programs, visit www.adifferentkindofpsychiatry.com or call 732-821-1146.

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