Our November 25 story on Monsignor Walter Nolan, the priest at St. Paul’s Church who faces the same dilemmas as the rest of us when choosing what electronic gadgets to buy, prompted a letter from a parishoner, Lucille Chase Tattoli.

While Tattoli thought the article was “wonderful,” she was disappointed that it did not mention by name the priest whom Nolan replaced. “Rev. Evasio De Marcellis was the priest Monsignor Nolan replaced. Out of respect for Father De Marcellis, I feel his name should have been mentioned. Father De Marcellis was the Pastor of St. Paul’s for at least 20 years. He was a wonderful priest and would do anything for anyone who needed help. Father De Marcellis was affectionately known as ‘Fr. De’ to all of St. Paul’s parishioners.”

On our December 2 cover, the date for the one-man show, “A Christmas Carol,” performed by Gerard Charles Dickens — Charles Dickens’ great-great-grandson — was incorrect. The event, which benefits the the Diocese of Trenton’s Foundation for Student Achievement, takes place on Saturday, December 12, at 7 p.m. at the Villa Victoria Academy Theater, 376 West Upper Ferry Road, Trenton. Tickets for $25 are available at 609-406-7400.

The December 2 Interchange column by John Clearwater, “Latest Bridge Openings Should Be Old News,” erroneously stated that the Jacobs Creek Bridge in Hopewell had been reopened in September. The bridge was closed by order of Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes on September 24.

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