Students of ALOHA West Windsor rejoiced as their center ranked third in the 2011 National Math Olympiad. Despite the increasing number of competitors over the last few years, ALOHA West Windsor has maintained its position with more than 1,500 students participating in 2011.

Aloha West Windsor was established in January, 2007, and the program has attracted a significant amount of interest from residents of West Windsor and surrounding townships. The students are experiencing firsthand the benefits of the program through improved attention spans, concentration, and increased memory power.

ALOHA uses an abacus to bring a whole new approach to teaching children arithmetic. The finely structured syllabus prepared by the ALOHA Curriculum Development Department has created different programs for children as young as 5 (junior program) and a senior program.

The technical skill helps children to strengthen and improve their mathematical competence in calculating with speed and, of course, accuracy. During the mental calculations, both portions of the brain are stimulated, making the whole thinking process more efficient and effective.

Children attend classes once a week for two hours and can choose between weekday evenings and weekend sessions. Small class sizes and highly trained teachers are fundamental in providing a strong and effective learning environment. This is a unique program that combines classroom teaching with an interactive instruction methodology that makes learning enjoyable and fun for the student.

Enrollment is ongoing for new sessions beginning in March and April. In addition, following last year’s success with the accelerated summer session, the same will be offered to students to enable them to complete two levels in a shorter duration of time.

Aloha West Windsor, 51 Everett Drive, Suite B-50, West Windsor 08550. Free trial class, Sunday, February 26, at 2 p.m. Register. Call 609-632-0060, e-mail, or www.visit or See ad, page 14.

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