Ella Whittemore’s “Stitches 7.”

The West Windsor Arts Council’s annual Generation Next exhibition series is mixing art lines with blood lines with its 2018 installment “Generation Next: The Family Show.”

An opening reception takes place Sunday, July 8, from 4 to 6 p.m., and the show remains on view through Friday, August 17.

Based on an idea by artist and Ewing resident Joy Kreves and curated by her daughter, Ivia Sky Yavelow, the exhibition features 13 artists representing families where creating art is a tradition.

In addition to the two above artists, also participating are Princeton-based artists Susan Hoenig and John Shockey and their daughters Alice and Gwen Shockey; Vermont artist Elise Whittemore and daughter Ella Whittemore; Nancy Azara of New York City and her daughter Nana Olivas; and New York State artists Liz and Michael Biddle, parents of Megan Biddle of Philadelphia.

About her own approach to art, Yavelow writes, “I use found scraps and remnants from past art works, daily life, and the natural world to investigate mark making and the intersection of the intentional and unintentional.”

Meanwhile, her mother shares her own thoughts about creating in an U.S. 1 interview, “Often the inspiration for a particular image is a mystery to me, but sometimes it reveals itself while working on the piece, or even after the piece is completed. Sometimes I begin with an inspiration following from a continuing thread of work, a personal experience, or often from something I’ve read like a poem or a news item.”

Together they and the other artists will show how families and artists interact and how, as Kreves says, “Art just takes you where it wants you to go.”

Generation Next: The Family Show, West Windsor Arts Center, 952 Alexander Road, West Windsor, opening Sunday, July 8, 4 to 6 p.m. , free, and on view through August 17. www.westwindsorarts.org

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