It’s time for another virtual workshop on how to best communicate your event information to the editors who make it appear in print in this newspaper, as well as the West Windsor-Plainsboro News, the eight monthly papers that are part of our Community News Service group, their respective websites, and to the early bird on our staff who gets up every morning at 6 a.m. to tweet out an update on the day’s events. (Hint: Follow princetoninfo on Twitter or Facebook to receive those daily event reminders.)

The good news is that you need to send one and only one submission in order to reach that entire cavalcade of publications and online communications. The one-stop E-mail to use is — drum roll, please — If you already have in your system there is no need to change it — E-mails to that address are automatically forwarded to events@princetoninfo. The same is true for — that communication also gets routed to our main E-mail address.

But if you are also sending duplicate event information to or to or to any of our individual editors by name, you can delete those addresses from your list of recipients. Sending your material to “info” is not a good idea in any case — “info” is the mailbox of preference for hundreds of junk mail generators.

What you can do to help: Send out your information as soon as possible. Even though our print editions only run events scheduled in the next week to 10 days, our highly utilized online events database, at, lists events far into the future. If you later have more information to add to the initial submission, send it along at that time. Labeling that information as an update to your previous E-mail would be helpful.

Though it should go without saying, we will say it: Please make sure your listing has the date and time of the event, the cost, and a contact phone number that people can use if — for example — your event is threatened by bad weather. It’s also helpful if this information is included in the body of the E-mail, rather than as an attachment.

If you have photographs please attach them. Remember that photos saved from the Internet are normally very low resolution. Larger photos are better for print — the bigger the file size the better. Color photos are preferred. We can always convert them to black and white. If the caption information is included in the body of the E-mail, that is helpful in determining to which editor the photo will be directed.

If you believe that your upcoming event is worthy of more than the bare-bones treatment it gets in our free editorial listings, then please bring it to the attention of one of our editors. Dan Aubrey, who edits the Preview section, can be reached at Survival Guide and business editor Diccon Hyatt is But when you do reach out to them, please let them know that you have already submitted the event to

We look forward to hearing about your upcoming event. And if we don’t show up in person, please excuse us. We’re busy, obviously, processing events.

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