We are three months into the New Year! That means a chance to start over and set new goals to achieve for the months to come. Why not make one of your goals to focus and get serious about your love life? Do something different for something different to happen to you this year! Change who you are meeting and how you are meeting them. Make sense? Then join New Jersey Singles, the award-winning matchmaking service that is dedicated to helping you find love in your compatible mate.

New Jersey Singles are the experts in matching busy professionals and retired professionals who are looking for like-minded serious singles. This service attracts singles who want more of a life partner, and not looking to just serial date.

New Jersey Singles work like old-fashioned matchmakers and all of their matching is done by hand. There are no gimmicks like pictures, videos or theme parties with all the same people. They meet and screen every client and everyone who qualifies for membership does go through a criminal background check. Unlike online sites where you have no idea about the person you are emailing, talking to or planning to meet.

This exceptional service takes all the guesswork out of dating. All you have to do is relax, have fun, and be yourself. This service allows for you to be rather selective in regards to who you choose to spend your time with. “That is why New Jersey Singles is where the professionals turn to professionals for love!” says Jill Grossman, Director of New Jersey Singles-Lawrenceville. “I love the beginning of a New Year! It inspires hope and promise of finding that special person. Setting and achieving this goal is what my clients want me to help them accomplish in their dating life.” Ms. Grossman adds, “Everyone has a path in life, I am here to find them someone to walk their path with.”

Do things differently this year and climb aboard the 2016 love train! New Jersey Singles is committed to changing your single life and helping your 2016 New Year’s Resolution come true.

Call 1-888-417-0020 to set up an appointment for your consultation or go to www.newjerseysingles.com to fill out an application.

New Jersey Singles: Where professionals turn to professionals for love!

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