Evaluating heartburn, stomach issues, and upper digestive concerns has gotten a lot less invasive and a lot more comfortable at Advanced Digestive Center.

Srinivas Vasireddi, M.D., FACP, a board-certified gastroenterologist, offers a wide range of gastroenterology and endoscopy procedures that he and his team safely and comfortably perform at Advanced Digestive Center, saving patients time, expense, and worry. Now patients can take advantage of the ultra-thin transnasal scope for heartburn evaluation and screening for upper digestive and pancreatic conditions.

"Ultra-thin transnasal is a simple procedure done without sedation right here in the office," he said. "We use ultra-thin scopes and go through the nose; it’s quick and simple."

Ultra-thin transnasal is ideal for those who are at high-risk for anesthesia. It’s also a good screening for upper digestive disorders, pre-cancerous conditions in the esophagus, bariatric surgeries requiring a prior endoscopy, as well as heartburn and other stomach and digestive issues.

Dr. Vasireddi has been practicing since 1998. He opened Advanced Digestive Center in Metuchen in 2003, followed by the Princeton location in 2006. He treats a myriad of digestive issues, including intestinal and digestive system disorders, and gall bladder, liver, and pancreas problems. Common ailments include reflux, ulcers, tumors, and colon polyps, which are identified by endoscopic and minimally invasive procedures and treated in the office.

"Whatever can be done in a hospital can be done in our office, and at a considerable savings," Dr. Vasireddi said of the procedures he performs to handle digestive issues. "We’re one of the few sites in New Jersey that can offer this level of comprehensive care."

In addition to sophisticated procedures, Advanced Digestive Center also offers simple tests to determine the causes of malabsorption, sugar intolerances such as lactose intolerance, gas problems, and bacteria issues.

"My goal in opening Advanced Digestive Center is to bring the best possible care in a comfortable, safe, and cost-effective manner," Dr. Vasireddi said. "With two centers in New Jersey, one in Metuchen, one in Princeton, great digestive care is close at hand."

Dr. Vasireddi is available by appointment. For more information, call 732-888-4800.

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