Adapt Performance and Rehab offers a free fat loss workshop on Tuesday, July 16.

The professionals at Adapt Performance and Rehab know how frustrating weight loss can be. They work with clients everyday who have done the fad diets, the calorie counting, the hot fitness programs that were supposed to help them trim the fat and get in shape, but none of it has worked long term.

Adapt Performance and Rehab has come up with a better solution — one that actually works for busy adults. They are hosting a free fat loss workshop on Tuesday, July 16, at 7 p.m. to introduce Mercer County adults to a new, sustainable way of thinking about fitness and weight loss.

“People come to us looking to lose weight and boost energy levels, but they need guidance to reach those goals without dieting or restrictive diet plans,” says Cody Plofker, director of performance, who co-founded Adapt Performance and Rehab with his business partner, physical therapist Dr. Payal Patel. “This workshop is for those who have tried everything already and want to learn why none of it has worked for them long term, and what other options they have to sustainably lose weight without dieting.

Workshop attendees can sign up afterward for free consultations where Adapt’s staff of performance coaches, nutrition coaches, and personal trainers set up customized plans to put them on the road to better fitness. “We talk about what they’ve tried before, what their goals and needs are, and come up with a program that aligns with their goals,” Plofker says.

One simple philosophy they promote is that people need three things in their lives if they’re going to make real progress: fitness, nutrition, and accountability. “We find that a lot of times, when people only have one or two of these things, it doesn’t work,” Plofker says.

For instance, people can go to a gym, where they get fitness, but no accountability. Or they can hire a personal trainer at the gym to add accountability, but they still miss out on the nutrition piece.

“We approach it with a holistic point of view. We tailor programs to our clients’ needs that deliver all three,” Plofker says.

At Adapt Performance and Rehab’s 2,000-square-foot, open-concept fitness center, clients work with coaches and trainers on a schedule that works for them. “We fit fitness into their lives, rather than making it something that takes over their lives,” Plofker says. “We don’t expect them to be in the gym five days a week, we don’t do meal plans. It’s about finding something they enjoy, that doesn’t makes their joints hurt, and fits into their lives.”

Everyone at Adapt gets their own personalized plan. They work with everyone, but they specialize in helping people age 40 to 60 — people for whom injuries have taken a toll over the years. People who tend to have the busiest lives and therefore, the least amount of time to dedicate to getting fit.

“Our habit-based, life-changing solutions are for people who have tried everything under the sun and not had success,” Plofker says. “We exist to help them lead a healthier, more fulfilling life even if injuries or failed diet attempts have left them with no other options.”

If you would like to attend their next free Fat Loss Workshop on July 16, simply call 609-218 8003.

Adapt Performance and Rehab, 1080 Spruce Street, Suite A, Lawrence.

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