The Lewis School

Dedicated to the advancement and advocacy of learning-different persons.

Founded in 1973, The Lewis School is among the earliest groups of educators in the country to innovate, develop and implement curriculum-wide multisensory education, science-based student assessments, and neuroscience-based teacher training within a structured and nurturing traditional school environment.

The School’s philosophy is best described by its founder, Marsha Lewis: “Our students’ gifts and promise are as important to us as are their needs to repair scholastically. At The Lewis School, learning problems are understood not as disabilities, but as differences: the expression of remarkable and diverse capacities of human thinking and perceptions. The purpose of a Lewis School education is to prepare students, who may struggle with dyslexia, ADD, auditory processing, receptive-expressive language or decoding/encoding in reading, writing, spelling, retention-memory and comprehension, to thrive academically, as they learn to restore the confidence and self-esteem they need to achieve their scholastic and creative best.”

For the past 30 years and long before multisensory methodology was accepted by mainstream educators, The Lewis School’s curriculum included the now “widely acclaimed” teaching approaches of Orton-Gillingham, Slingerland, Childs and Wilson Reading. In the realization that no single teaching approach could address the many diverse needs of bright, unorthodox learners, despite how excellent that method might be, The Lewis School was among the first to integrate these approaches, one with the other.

With more than 150 students enrolled at The Lewis School, the daily curriculum is dynamic, challenging, competitive and completely multisensory. Whether the student is a first grader learning the basics of sound-symbol association, or a teenager ready to take on Advanced Calculus at a college preparatory level, The Lewis School curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each individual student. As Marsha Lewis described during an interview with The New York Times, “We don’t just teach our students compensation measures; we teach them working strategies. Our hands-on teaching approaches actively engage the many senses of the brain in the learning process, allowing students to automatize and internalize instruction, rather than reinforcing their inherent reliance on passive, rote memorization.”

The Lewis Clinic for Educational Therapy continues to serve as the foundation for instruction and learning. Having an organization that is rooted in the science of learning gives Lewis a unique perspective. The Lewis Clinic administers nationally- normed standardized tests and uses a comprehensive selection of diagnostic and perceptual instruments, which are administered without the influence of pre-determined biases or prior diagnostic opinions.

Students and parents are often relieved to find what they thought was a disability is actually a different way of learning that is unique to the child. At The Lewis Clinic families will find clearly defined, plainspoken, independent assessments that carefully examine their child’s learning strengths and weaknesses. This is helpful to teachers, parents and students alike because, according to Marsha Lewis, “Children need an education that is in touch with them the way they really are.”

The Lewis School and Clinic continues to stay on the cutting-edge of research, exploring the brain’s ability to learn and readily adapt and deliver new concepts directly to faculty and the classroom. Innovations, like the virtual chemistry labs adapted for the use of learning different students, is only one example of the programs being sponsored by The Lewis School and Clinic.

The Lewis School and Diagnostic Clinic is a non-profit, non-sectarian, co-educational resource dedicated to the advancement and advocacy of learning different persons. Member of the International Dyslexia Society since 1973, The Lewis School and Clinic does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, creed, gender or gender orientation.

The Lewis School and Diagnostic Clinic, 53 Bayard Lane, Princeton. 609-924-8120.

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