Like aquarium fish the crowds go by
ambling along Nassau Street

aspiring scientists, emeriti
toddling along Nassau Street

juniors, grads, freshers scantly clad
striding along Nassau Street

laughing faces, thoughtful faces, dogs
trotting along Nassau Street

saris, jeans, dresses, sneakers, clogs
tromping along Nassau Street

flowing tresses, edge-ups, bald pates, dreads
drifting along Nassau Street

kids of every hue, like flower beds
wafting along Nassau Street

wobbling waddling strolling wandering
loafing loitering sauntering traipsing trudging

dawdling hoofing goofing fooling lazing
hanging out on Nassau Street.

while this silly scribbler sits and sips
spying upon Nassau Street.

Carrington is a poet, translator, and erstwhile mathematician who gardens, writes, and lives in Highland Park.

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