Healthy employees mean a healthy bottom line. Smart corporations are making it easy for their employees to get on track and stay on track when it comes to wellness. According to Veronique Cardon, M.S., the weight loss program she developed is helping women in business adopt the lifestyle changes they need to lose weight.

The CogniDiet Weight Loss Program was designed by a businesswoman for businesswomen. Conducted in person or over WebEx (online web conferencing), this 12-week program led by Cardon, the program’s creator, a business executive with past weight problems, and a holistic nutritionist, teaches participants how to change their thinking, lose weight, and keep it off.

“Weight is a reflection of lifestyle, the way you eat, move, and take care of yourself,” she explained. “Upward of 90 percent fail because they change something drastically for a few weeks and focus on weight loss rather than on themselves or long-term lifestyle changes. That’s how the CogniDiet is different.”

And it’s working, even for the busiest female executives. Cardon has brought the CogniDiet to women at Health Science Communications, an Omnicom Group Company in New York City, thanks to its President Delphine Dubois, M.D., MBA, who experienced great success. Participants in a 12-week pilot program there lost between six and 23 pounds by making key lifestyle changes.

The first six weeks of the program teaches how stress and the lack of stress management equals weight gain. Participants also observe their own behaviors to start the changes that lead to weight loss. They learn to transform long-ingrained sabotaging thoughts into positive thoughts about themselves.

“Stress has a negative impact on the body that releases the fight-or-flight mode,” Cardon added. “Your primitive brain takes over your logical brain making it think you need the energy sugar provides. This has a very bad impact on weight, so the stress relief component is important. When Delphine had that ‘a-ha’ moment, she got big results. And her employees noticed.”

The second half of the program turns to nutrition education and puts more emphasis on activity level.

“Then we’re showing women how each calorie is different, how to eat in combination for best results and why, about portion size and so much more. We’re re-wiring your brain after years of being manipulated by the food industry ads,” Cardon said.

The CogniDiet is not about calorie counting. Each participant has two to three weekly goals. Twelve weeks is enough time to change and reinforce the behaviors needed for success. It’s a holistic program that provides knowledge. And knowledge is power.

The entire program can be done via WebEx, in person or Skype, or a combination. Cardon’s vision is to bring this program into more corporations to empower businesswomen to focus more on themselves. There are several sessions a week to accommodate make-ups for businesswomen’s hectic schedules. The success rate speaks for itself: 95 percent of those who have followed the CogniDiet have de-stressed and kept the weight off, up to 30 pounds in 12 weeks.

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