Much like the first dance as a couple, a wedding as a whole should be perfectly choreographed. Not once should one have to think about a thing on the happiest day of their lives and nowhere coordinates these precious events more seamlessly than the Distinct Hospitality Group, at the Hilton Garden Inn!

Under the nurturing eye of Donna Bongiovi, the highly experienced events manager, couples are guided through all the steps necessary for a perfect day. From the first meeting to the final send off to the honeymoon, Bongiovi and the events team anticipate every need.

“I want to give my clients everything they could desire, and that starts with listening closely as they discuss their dream event,” Bongiovi says. “Just because something is in the brochure, it doesn’t mean that we cannot customize the day so that everything is just so. There is no pre-packaging because we focus on being sensitive to all traditions.”

Her years of event planning have given Bongiovi a wealth of experience to ensure that everyone is well cared for, even to the point of providing the happy couple with a private room for some “breathing space” as guests move seamlessly from ceremony, to cocktails, to dinner. “After all, the couple wants to enjoy the day as much as the guests,” she points out. Her entire team is unruffled and smoothly orchestrated.

Currently undergoing extensive renovations, the lush garden setting for the ceremony and the cozy cocktail area are alive with greenery and warm wood touches. The tone is refined but comfortable. The area is designed to take advantage of nature while providing cover should the weather turn to a sprinkle. Along with an inviting fire pit, putting green, and indoor heated pool, this venue is sure to please. Consequently, Hilton Garden Inn can be booked for any time of year.

Moving into the formal dining room is like entering your own intimate dining setting. The finely coffered ceiling and paneling sets the stage for inviting tables set with fine china and glassware. The use of oval tables enhances intimacy and conversation. The ballroom can accommodate parties as large as 200, with ample room for entertainment or a live band.

The kitchen and beverage service is expertly overseen by the Director of food and beverage John Goeke, who is also a trained executive chef. All the teams, from the front of the house to the vital but unseen housekeeping staff, work collaboratively toward the same goal of a worry-free day.

The Hilton Garden Inn is but one of three properties that are available for accommodations, depending on a party’s needs. The hotel offers sleeping accommodations for overnight guests, welcome reception, rehearsal dinner, and/or a private send-off breakfast.

Any event, wedding or otherwise, is conducted with consistent fluidity and grace. Guests are personally greeted and welcomed to the venue. Bongiovi emphasizes, “Our services are all inclusive. Nothing is left to chance because our experience has taught us to anticipate each step of the way. At the end of the night, our guests get to take the elevator ‘home,’ still drifting in time to the precise choreography of the perfect day.”

Hamilton Hilton Garden Inn, 800 Route 130 South, Hamilton. 609-585-6789.

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