As Princeton University evolves in the next decade, the arts are likely to play a highly visible role. The new Lewis Center for the Arts, headed by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon, will anchor a major redevelopment of the area near McCarter Theater and the Dinky train station.

Muldoon, whose artistic interests range from Irish studies to rock music (he is the vocalist and songwriter for Rackett, a rock band he formed with other faculty members and area musicians), sees great horizons for the arts at Princeton.

“The great idea with which I’m proud to be associated is that of helping to make Princeton think of itself even more enthusiastically as a town dedicated to, and dominant in, the arts. It’s an idea on which the Borough and the Township will, I hope, find common cause as they consider reinventing themselves.

“There’s absolutely no reason why Princeton shouldn’t be the most significant destination for cultural tourism between New York and Philadelphia.

“I’m particularly proud of the role we to play at Princeton University in trying to lead the way educationally. Under President Tilghman, the university has dedicated itself to being not only at the service of the nation, and of all nations, but of the imagination.”

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