Decisions, Decisions, Decisions,

Swinging Singles

A: I haven’t found you, please find me! I am a 54 yr. old DWF living in Queens NY. 5’5” tall with a 125lb trim frame, beautiful brown eyes and hair, a loving heart and personality. I’m looking for a relationship with a nice gentleman 65 to 89 years of age.

B: I am a sweet old widowed lady nearing 90 and looking for love and companionship. I live in an assisted living complex but don’t want a fellow resident as it’s bad policy to dip your pen in the company’s ink. So I’m counting on you to give me a wink.

’Tis a matter that has me in a tizzy.

Forsooth A’s tender age and frame

yea verily would kindle me all aflame.

Yet for King to court in Queens

would draw out his every means

and soon force him to become resident

where wise Lady B, lest she set precedent,

would never deign to enter the rink

to dip her quill in the company ink!

Alas and alack I’m in a morass.

My kingdom for a bonnie lass.

Paul Spagnoli is a retired lawyer, a long time resident of central New Jersey, a Princeton University graduate, Class of 1946, and a World War II veteran. Currently he tutors English composition and grammar at Mercer County Community College. He writes fiction, memoirs, observations, anecdotes, and many letters.

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