In alerting us to a mistake we made recently, someone asked if we had decided to indulge in some creative writing at the expense of the facts. Sadly no, we responded, we were simply grinding through the mass of data that flows across our computer screens every day.

This week, for example, there are 354 listings in one week’s worth of events for U.S. 1. If we have been 99 percent perfect in processing them, we will still have three or four mistakes. If we have been 99 and 44/100th percent accurate (anyone remember that benchmark?), then there will be one or two mistakes.

Last week, somewhere along the way, at least one wire got crossed with another. A listing for an eight-week courses that began September 28 at the Princeton Senior Resource Center was listed as free. In fact, it cost $75. We can imagine hordes of senior citizens descending on the lecture hall, demanding their “free” course. They begin channeling their collective 1960s soul and chant “Power to the old people, power to the old people.” But hopefully that’s just some indulgent creative writing, and in fact it turns out that people were understanding and forgiving.

Meanwhile, if you see a mistake in our stories or listings, please let us know. The only thing worse than a mistake is repeating it word for word the next week. And your correction can change the event listings that we update every day at

And if you want to help us get it correct the first time, send your event information to Don’t send it to, and forget about our editor — The best he can do for you is to forward it to the events mailbox. The worst he can do is lose it in his cluttered mailbox.

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