Ladies, imagine a day out shopping with your best friend, happily browsing the mall for the perfect items, sharing the fun of trying things on. But there is one store you cannot share — the lingerie boutique — if your friend is a breast cancer survivor.

All too often women who have had breast surgery or mastectomies feel they have no choice but to order generic, utilitarian bras and breast forms online or go to a sterile medical equipment supply store. No lacy, feminine lingerie for them.

Not anymore. As of September 30, a chic, new boutique specializing in the world-renowned Amoena Breast Care Products has opened at 370 Route 130 in East Windsor. Business partners Bill Chaudhry and Win Mar Tun, of the well-known medical and mobility supply store Medi Mart, have teamed with Amoena, to create a shop within a shop to pamper customers like any other high-end clothier.

Here women can “try before you buy” in the private dressing room, having the opportunity to purchase what actually fits and, especially, looks good. Mothers, sisters, daughters, and best friends can now share this shopping experience together in style and comfort. The sales assistants are fully trained and certified to fit customers and meet all the qualifications required by insurance companies.

Beyond lingerie, the new boutique carries Amoena’s full line of pre and post-surgical garments, swimwear, at-home leisure wear, active wear as well as breast forms and shapers. Tun and Chaudhry have also expanded their lines to include wigs by world famous Henry Margu. Here a woman who has faced a life-altering moment is treated to a shopping experience she thought was gone forever: the chance to feel feminine while learning to live with her new reality.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Breast Cancer Resource Center at Princeton’s YWCA have both visited the boutique and are already working together to get the word out. The personalized attention, selection of products, and convenient location are a game-changing approach.

What is more, women who have never had breast surgery are finding out that Amoena’s products rival or surpass other high-end garments. They buy at the new boutique because they love the feel,comfort, and fit of the bras and clothing.

Begun in the 1970s, Amoena now operates in more than 70 countries world-wide. Their development team works closely with women who have had breast surgery to find out exactly what they want. This has produced new concepts, including an innovative two-layer form, which has liquid silicone at the back for added comfort. Self-adhesive breast forms that adhere directly to a woman’s chest wall act like a part of her own body. The Energy breast form helps regulate the temperature between the breast form and the chest wall — providing welcome relief from hot flashes caused by menopause or hormonal treatment.

Mr. Chaudhry and Ms. Tun are partners in Medi-Mart, a full service medical supply emporium that prides itself on the same “try before you buy” approach. Whether it is a cane or crutches, walker or wheelchair, if it is necessary for wellbeing, it is there. Most importantly, they are in-network for all major New Jersey insurers and will take care of the burden of billing the firms.

The concept of a full-service breast surgery boutique grew out of calls from the insurance companies for a vendor who could address the very specific needs of this special customer segment.

What began as a desire to provide a niche service has become a destination boutique for all women. Enjoy the lacy lingerie that every woman loves. Experience what high-end shopping for intimate apparel can be and never search the cold internet again.

Help name the boutique! The chic, new shop needs a chic, new name. Come explore the store and contribute your suggestions. If chosen, the winner will be announced and will receive a cash or carry prize!

Amoena Breast Care Products, 370 Route 130 South, East Windsor. 609-443-7400.

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