A Little Taste of Cuba in Princeton New Jersey is celebrating its 24th year in business. Established in 1995 as a specialist in boutique and super-premium cigars and pipe tobaccos, this business was the first in the world to employ certified tobacconists. Today, this industry leading certified luxury tobacconist continues to pioneer the extraordinary service standards that other tobacconists throughout the world emulate.

Customers who enter A Little Taste of Cuba will immediately be transported to a relaxing and thoughtfully curated retail and lounge environment where relaxation and organoleptic delicacies are the primary focus. Oak paneled walls, subtle tropical influences, and hand crafted products will surround your visit as expert tobacconists help you develop your palate and explore new, exciting, exclusive and hard to get products. Whether you are visiting to celebrate a special occasion or seek a respite from your hectic schedule, A Little Taste of Cuba exists to provide you an oasis from the outside world. A Little Taste of Cuba certified tobacconists are prepared to help you select the perfect cigar and/or pipe to suit your palate and offer custom free gift packaging for those seeking the perfect gift.

The A Little Taste of Cuba retail store in Princeton also includes the world’s first and only Tobacconist University Tasting Room: a luxuriously appointed space where relaxation, camaraderie, civilized conversation, inspired debate, and gustatory stimulation are all par for the course.

Whether you are new to luxury cigars and pipes or an expert connoisseur, A Little Taste of Cuba has the expertise and facilities to exceed your needs and expectations. The certified tobacconists on staff encourage you to visit if you are celebrating a wedding, graduation, or any other special event. You can even stop in if you are curious to learn a little about old world, hand-crafted products or enjoy the aromas. A Little Taste of Cuba is open and welcoming to anyone (over 21) who wants to savor their time!

A Little Taste of Cuba, 70 Witherspoon Street, Princeton. 609-683-8988. www.cubacigar.com.

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