Over its nearly 30 years of publishing U.S. 1 has printed countless bylines. Every once in a while we print a joint byline, usually representing a pair of writers who have divided a complex subject into several parts and have collaborated on the reporting of the subject, the writing of the article, or both of the above.

In this issue we have one of those rare joint bylines that is so unusual we are tempted to call it unique. This week’s “women in business” cover story on Princeton University librarian Karin Trainer was assigned to Bart Jackson. No surprise there, Jackson has written for us during most of those three decades and we have yet to find a subject he has failed to handle.

But when the finished piece came back we discovered a joint byline: Bart and his wife, Lorraine. The explanation suggested by Bart is that Lorraine herself is a career librarian, and she joined Bart in his interview with the university librarian. Another explanation is that Bart has branched out from newspaper journalism into book writing and publishing. One of his titles, “Behind Every Successful Women is Herself,” suggests that Bart knows that the woman in business theme is not one to be taken lightly. Thanks for the article, Bart. And thank you, Lorraine, for providing the perspective that comes with years of experience in a given field.

Another long-time U.S. 1 contributor also is featured in this issue, and this one has no byline at all. He is Richard D. Smith, who labored on our staff back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In this issue he is the subject of an article about his newest book, “Legendary Locals of Princeton.” See page 54.

#b#To the Editor: NJ a Media Challenge#/b#

"Bridgegate” has drawn New Jersey into the national news. Watching the news on television has proved very interesting on the accuracy of the reporters and commentators. Numerous times I have heard them refer to the New Jersey House and Senate. New Jersey doesn’t have a House branch of the Legislature. We have a Senate and an Assembly. A member of the Senate is addressed as Senator. A member of the Assembly is Assemblyman or Assemblywoman.

I also find it amazing that there are two New York football teams. Both the Jets and the Giants have their home stadium in New Jersey. So why does the news refer to them as New York teams? And then there are the three “New York airports.” No one acknowledges that one of those airports is in New Jersey.

I can understand a few people missing the state boundary and thinking some New Jersey things are in New York, but wouldn’t you think the news media would have the professionalism to get the geography right and give our great state the respect it deserves?

So in closing I just want to say, guess what guys, the Super Bowl was played in New Jersey.

John O’Sullivan

Monmouth Junction

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