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To the Editor

Thank you for your article about the changes in the Princeton retail scene (December 6).

I want to clarify that the U-Store will be moving to Nassau Street but will be going out of the book business. General and textbook sales will be handled by Labyrinth Books, beginning late fall 2007. The U-Store will occupy the space now occupied by Micawber, but will not be selling books there. The U-Store’s Nassau Street location will focus on the Princeton insignia merchandise which is in much demand by alumni and out-of-town visitors to Nassau Street.

Books will be sold by Labyrinth in a new store that will be in the space now leased by Foot Locker. Further complicating the discussion of these changes is the division of what is now the Children’s Place — the front part of that space will be leased by the U-Store, and the back will be part of Labyrinth’s operation.

The Princeton University Store, which began as a student-run enterprise in the late 19th century and was organized as a co-op in 1905, is the oldest retail establishment in Princeton, and is one of the oldest co-ops in the country. A letter to our members is posted on our website at, and the university has posted detailed information about the changes on its website.

Virginia France

Marketing Director,

Princeton University Store

As the staff and board of the Arts Council of Princeton celebrate the progress of construction on the Paul Robeson Center for the Arts, we are also conscious of the fact that the closing of the sidewalk adjacent to the construction site causes inconvenience to pedestrians, and in particular to our immediate neighbors. The closing of the sidewalk was necessitated by work being done by PSE&G and by the Borough that relates in part to the widening of Witherspoon Street. Unfortunately, we do not control the timetable for this work.

We recently met with Borough officials and have agreed that our contractor, at our expense, will assist the Borough in removing debris in the area of Witherspoon Street where the sidewalk was closed. We are told by the Borough that, barring any unforeseen delays, work should be completed within the next two weeks. At that time, we will move our construction fence and create a temporary sidewalk, also at our expense. We regret the inconvenience, but hope this will remedy the problem.

Jeff Nathanson

Executive Director,

Arts Council of Princeton

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