Suspendable fabric art takes the eye around a room like a painter creates a canvas. DECORnaments, and BENDT brand RibbonART are a totally new accessory, created by A.D.Ornamentals of Trenton.

DECORnaments began when some tapestry ornaments were just too beautiful to come down with the Christmas tree. Founder Kay Conti’s husband, Harry Jackendoff, started hanging them from every lamp and drapery rod, and Kay realized her retirement mission was to invent some new home accessories with the fabric she loved. After retiring from Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2013, her design work began; and in 2015, when Louis Diaz of Sol y Luna Furniture saw a whole new line of products, he just said, “Take my walls and ceilings — they’re yours!”

“Louis’ stores were necessary for our product launch,” concedes Harry. “Our Rice’s Market outlet has over a hundred of Kay’s prototypes, but people have to see them with furnishings! This is really a new decorator paradigm. In the Sol y Luna stores you get it — these accessories can totally change the look of your rooms without refurnishing them!”

Early on Covington Mills’ New York City office recognized the potential and loaded Kay down with store-sized samples of fabric for prototyping. Then came Robert Allen’s Philadelphia showroom, which went so far as to offer a local sales force to A.D.O. if “DECORnaments by Kay” went exclusively with Beacon Hill and Robert Allen fabrics.

“We’re not there yet,” Harry confided. “Fulfillment has been a problem since DECORnaments are all essentially custom pieces — jewelry for the home. We’ve had to go slow and protect the brand along the way. But with the BENDT brand RibbonART line, it’s easier to move into production.”

Added Louis: “When people come into my store and ask what these colorful and crazy things are, I tell them decorations used to just lie flat on the wall — but the future of interior decor is dimensional accents.” He has seen it himself. “Hang a couple small pieces of $350/yard fabric and everything in the room seems expensive.” Twisting one of Kay’s ribbon-art fabrications, Louis asked her to make several sets for separators between settings in his showroom.

Harry continued, “Louis didn’t realize the connectable panel options were in the patent. But we never thought of the floral sconces. That was Louis’ idea. Originally Kay came to me with three small velvet ribbons and said, ‘these are mix-n-match!’ I saw we could patent bendable two-sided fabric panels. It also solves the problem of filling giant spaces in McMansions artistically and inexpensively. RibbonART is so light you put it up with a push-pin. I figure we can build a big company on that push-pin!”

“Textiles are our oldest technology — invented in the home for the home — women always knitted the family together. Before cars came along you were judged by the cloth you wore. Learning about beautiful textiles is going to be ‘hip’ again, and rooms everywhere will reflect the gospel of textiles: fabric is human nature.”

A.D.Ornamentals, available at Sol y Luna Meubleria, 1143 Hamilton Avenue, Trenton, and Rice’s Market, 6326 Greenhill Road, New Hope, PA, Tuesdays and Saturdays, 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. 609-807-8874.

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