The pods, the pods are everywhere,

Just like a sci-fi movie.

In the cupboards, on the stairs,

Nowhere to sit, they’re on the chairs.

Flavors far and wide you’ll find

In every type of brew.

I think I’ve tried about every kind

To narrow down my favorite grind.

Espresso, latte, mochaccino,

Regular and decaf,

Make one, take one, fast to go,

pod produces perfect Joe.

Your beverage can be iced or hot,

Cocoa, or even tea,

Every time it hits the spot,

An homage to my coffee pot.

Though now it’s called a coffee brewer

Let’s not be pedantic,

Words can be a bit obscure

But nothing a perfect perk can’t cure.

Chelle Martin is president emeritus of Sisters in Crime, Central Jersey, with short stories published in numerous mystery and romance anthologies. She’s a Starbucks girl who loves the Veranda Blend, Pike’s Peak, and Blonde Roast varieties.

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