Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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Quilters Stitch Stories and Culture at Ellarslie

With their colors and patterns and creative innovations, quilts are art that provide comfort and warmth.

Percussion Adds a New Voice for Youth Orchestra

This year YOCJ’s Winter Concerts will be especially noteworthy in that, not only will the guest artist be a true rarity in the field — a female orchestral percussionist — but the music she has selected was written by one of the most successful of all living composers, who also happens to be a woman.

Playwright Bonds’ ‘Goodnight Nobody’ Arrives in Princeton

McCarter Theater has opened 2020 with the premiere of “Goodnight Nobody” by Rachel Bonds.

Opportunities: Calls for Singers, Actors, and Volunteers

Calls for singers young and old, aspiring actors, and volunteers.

Celebrate Winter Through Sights and Sounds

In the dark days of winter, our region’s cultural organizations are alive with activity with something for everyone’s taste — or every health need.

Survival Guide

An Old Problem: Affordable Housing for Seniors

Affordable housing is in short supply in New Jersey. And affordable housing that’s accessible for seniors is even harder to find.

The State of Hate in New Jersey

Rachel Wainer Apter, director of the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights, is the state official most directly responsible for fighting hate crimes.

Real Ethics for Artificial Intelligence

Ethics has become an important topic in the context of artificial intelligence. How much trust should we have in the reliability of AI systems? Can we rely on AI systems to act ethically?

Women in STEM: Entrepreneurship Contest Offers $5,000

The Association for Women in Science of New Jersey is holding an entrepreneurship challenge event that will award $5,000 for the best business plan.

The Power of a Few Kind Words

Imagine going to the mailbox and finding a letter that someone wrote out of the blue telling you how much they appreciate you and why. How would you react?

A Guide to AI-Proofing Your Career

Whether or not the job apocalypse ever comes, or if help from the government ever arrives, workers need to be ready to work in a business world in which AI is an increasingly prominent feature.

What We Can Expect From the Democrats in 2020

Veteran reporter Steve Kornacki, a national political reporter for MSNBC and NBC, discusses the Democratic primary at the Princeton Public Library on Wednesday, January 8.

Fast Lane

On the Move: Acquisitions, Expansions, and More

ACON Investments has acquired Pine Environmental Services, and Systech International has been acquired by the Dover Corporation.

On the Move: Walk to Washington, Staples Verdict, Deaths

The NJ Chamber is taking action in response to complaints of harassment on the annual 'Walk to Washington' train ride, and a Bordentown man won a $3.6 million verdict after he injured his back in a fall at a Staples store in Hamilton.

On the Move: PCTV, Arts Council, NJEDA, and More

Caroline Cleaves is the new development director at the Arts Council of Princeton. The New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology has named Judith A. Sheft as its executive director.

On the Move: Andlinger Lawsuit, Cedar Ridge Expanded, and More

Princeton University has sued the architectural and engineering firms who designed its Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment.


To The Editor: WCC Is Not a Done Deal

The possible takeover of Westminster Choir College by Rider University is not a done deal.

Letters to the Editor

Another name for U.S. 1's 'In Memoriam' list, and another plea for Princeton Community TV.

Letters to the Editor

One reader urges support for Princeton Community TV. Another gives more context to a past story on poet Paul Muldoon.

To the Editor: Flu Shots & Rally Thoughts

It's not too late to get a flu shot and help stop the spread of influenza.