Three years ago Jarek Powichrowski opened Princeton Violins LLC in Kingston.

Its cozy and elegant showroom is only the first step into a larger stringed instrument making and restoration shop established many years ago. Before the storefront in Kingston was open, the business relied on personal contacts all over the world and internet advertising, with clients coming from the Southern States, the West Coast, Asia, and Europe. Princeton Violin’s Shop in Kingston is now also happy to be serving the Greater Princeton Area and is expanding its services to musicians and teachers on the East Coast.

Jarek says “There are three most important things for me about violins, violas, or cellos, the first is the correct set up of the instrument. I remember how difficult it was for me to play in tune when I was a kid due to an incorrect adjustment of my violin.

“Second is the value of the instrument; it must be authentic, in good condition and well-maintained. Stringed instruments need regular maintenance, and the qualifications and experience of the Luthier servicing them are very important.

“Sound is only my third concern because it is very subjective. If an instrument is well made, a skillful Luthier can make it sound good. And, with my good selection, musicians can always find something interesting that we can adapt it to personality of the player. Many of our clients say ‘I feel like a kid in a candy store’ or ‘Playing this violin is like driving a Porsche.’”

The main asset of Princeton Violins is in its selection of rare and investment quality instruments, supported by its Luthiers’ expertise in appraising, repairing, and restoring these instruments and the instruments of local and professional musicians. This draws people from near and far. It also has an instrument rental program which helps young musicians with instruments that play easily and sound wonderful. They also can count on Princeton Violins’ 100 percent satisfaction and 100 percent trade-in policy, and, as they come to know the shop, understand that they are well taken care of.

“Besides our International presence, we are enjoying developing deep roots in the local community.” says Jarek Powichrowski, owner and founder of Princeton Violins.

Although, the shop specializes in antique instruments, its rental program for children and beginners of all ages helps budding musicians as young as three years old. “We are only three years old in Kingston,” he laughs, “so we are perfect match. We even have a little library of children books so when families are coming on Saturdays with different kids age we keep them entertained.”

Princeton Violins was founded by Jarek Powichrowski, a Juilliard School educated professional violinist, New York trained stringed instrument restorer and violin maker who studied violin making in Cremona, Italy with the best contemporary Italian makers. Jarek Powichrowski is also an expert appraiser of antique instruments.

Princeton Violins, 4444 Route 27 in Kingston. Tuesday through Saturday and by appointment. Please call 609-683-0005. For the full version, visit

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