As editor and publisher Richard K. Rein points out, in the 25th anniversary retrospective that appears in his column, U.S. 1’s success has been based not just on his own bright ideas, but also on the creative thinking of a lot of other people. Rein hopes to introduce some of those people at the 25th anniversary reception on Tuesday, November 24, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Tre Piani restaurant in Forrestal Village. All readers, and especially those who have written for the paper or helped us deliver it, are welcome to attend.

One of the first goals of U.S. 1 a quarter century ago was to deliver the paper as close as possible to our potential readers — office workers at their desks. That meant not just dropping bundles off in building lobbies but actually going door to door from floor to floor.

That process began with the very first issue, but in a most unusual way. Just as Rein was beginning to load bundles of papers into his 1977 Dodge Colt, a limousine showed up at his door. A friend had hired the limo to celebrate the paper’s launch. The limo driver not only delivered the newly minted publisher (and deliverer) in style, but also knew the location of several dozen office complexes that Rein had never heard of.

We hope the event on November 24 will also combine some pleasure and profit. Please join us.

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