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Go Inside This Week’s Issue of U.S. 1: August 28, 2019

The following stories were originally published in the August 28, 2019, issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper.

A New Light Cast on Life and Art of N.C. Wyeth

“N.C. Wyeth: New Perspectives” is on view through September 15. It is billed as Wyeth’s first retrospective in a generation.

Carnegie Center Coworker Charged in Plainsboro Murder

Carolyn Byington, the woman who was found dead in her Plainsboro apartment on June 10, was murdered by a coworker in Carnegie Center, authorities allege.

The Perfect Company: Animal Spirits

One way to optimize a trend while limiting one’s downside is by buying call options.

Food for Thought: Dialing in Your Diet

New services offers tips, tricks, and even fully prepared meals for a healthy diet and work and at home.

Regional Prison Museum Houses History, Art, and Spirits

The phrase “positively Medieval” ran through my mind as I used almost all my strength to haul open the massive original door to the Burlington County Prison Museum on High Street in Mount Holly.

On the Move: J&J Lawsuit, Office Building Sold, Deaths

A judge in Oklahoma has ordered New Brunswick-based Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million for its role in causing the opioid addiction crisis.

Celebrating Events Past and Future

U.S. 1's annual Fall Arts Preview publishes on Wednesday, September 11. Make you know how to get your events into our print and online calendars.

The Hidden History of Our Number 1 Highway

Highway U.S. 1 does not have the romantic allure of the fabled U.S. Route 66 — a highway with a song that let’s drivers “get their kicks.” But while Route 66 is now defunct, U.S. 1 just keeps kicking and building on its fascinating history — represented by both physical sites and ideas that deal with design, art, and the human imagination.

How to Finish Your Book Before School Begins

Have you written a paragraph? A chapter? Are you almost finished? It doesn’t matter where you are in your project, what matters is that you started. Now let’s see if we can help you finish.