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Changing the Calendar

A longtime Princeton resident, Cheiten is the author of numerous short stories and poems, several plays, and the Princeton-based novella “The Hidden Ally.”

Misplaced Rage

Gutterman, a health researcher, is a founder of the West Windsor Arts Council. She lives with her husband in West Windsor.

The Old Dog at 16: Last Rights

Matson, a Hightstown resident, is a retired curriculum developer and teacher specializing in ESL and reading strategies.

The Back Field

John L. Fuller lives in the Kendall Park. Originally from Ireland, he retired after many years as an international transportation manager for several U.S. companies.

The Banker

Matthew McKeown, a Trenton resident, wrote a short story for last year’s Summer Fiction issue based on the National Ceramic Company of Trenton, where he once worked.


Judy Salcewicz has been published in the Kelsey Review, Women’s World Magazine, Horse Network, and Right Hand Pointing.

My Father’s Hands

Liebmann, a psychologist and educator, has been a Princeton resident for more than 30 years.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Pollack lives in Lawrenceville with her husband, Bob. She has two grown children and six grandchildren who all live in California.

The Gravedigger’s Son

Gould, a native of Gladstone, is a member of the Frenchtown Poetry Group, the New Hope Beat Poets, and the Front Porch Poetry Group.

Family Business

Ximena Skovron lives in Princeton and writes under the pseudonym A. Goodnight.