by Suzanne Newman

This is a follow up story for those who have read my article in the September 28 issue of U.S. 1 and for those who did not. There is a link to go to so you can read my story about my dear elderly homeless lady who has lived outside for 20 years here in Princeton, NJ. She lives outside sitting up in a chair from spring until she can’t bear the cold any longer and lets one of us take her to the hotel.

The system has failed her! I have called as many organizations and have not heard back from anyone yet. I am sure there are kind souls that pass her and give her money when she will accept it. For that I’m grateful to the town of Princeton and surrounding area kind souls.

One of us has been paying for the Miss H. to stay in a hotel from December until the spring each year. The cost for this is about $3,000 or more. This lovely woman has generously given her money for many years to keep Miss H. warm and safe through the harsh winters. It is time for others to help and that is me.

It is October 26 and from my first article I am so grateful to say $1,000 has been donated from the wonderful people of Princeton and surrounding areas. I have spent easily $3,000 or more on her throughout the years with the everyday things. She does not need that now — now she needs a place to be warm for the winter.

These are some of the responses I have gotten with my outreach for Miss H.

Why don’t you take her to your home? The answer from Miss H when I have asked her: “My dead husband has told me to stay and I have to work at night.”

Why doesn’t she go to the shelter? Answer: Trenton shelters are filled with crack heads, alcoholics and dangerous people. She is safer living outside where she is but, not in subfreezing weather.

Why doesn’t she take medication? Answer: Have any of you been on an antidepressant for example? I have and to find the right one took years because, I was basically allergic to serotonin so, only Wellbutrin helped me. The rest of the medications nearly drove me crazy and I was supposedly seeing good doctors! Please don’t think that taking the medication for schizophrenia is necessarily the best thing for her. None of you know what it’s like for her each day. It is not like taking high blood pressure medication, or high cholesterol medication. There are frightening side effects with anti-psychotic medications! If you are making any assumptions about Miss H. it is ignorance!

My goal is $3,000, and with all of your help I have made $1,000. I still need your help to raise my goal for her shelter for this winter. Time is quickly passing and the cold is coming maybe fast.

Miss H. is very educated and stubborn as hell. If you spoke with her for five minutes you would think nothing was wrong with her. She is mentally ill. She is also loving, kind and funny. Miss H. is also an inspiration of the human spirit. I have yet to meet someone who has touched my life in such a profound way, yet she is such a gift to my life. Please, please help me to help her get through another winter.

Please mail checks payable to Suzanne Newman at 1330 Route 206, Suite 103-110, Village Shopper, Skillman 08558.

Editor’s note: Newman is a Princeton-based massage therapist. Visit her website at or call her for references at 609-683-1608. She promises to share a full accounting of money donated and how it is spent.

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